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    Max Protection is a more than 13 years well-established company with highly experienced specialists in manned guarding services. We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions, industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs etc.
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    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that most security guard employers provide newly hired security guards with job training. Nevertheless, since most states require security guards to be licensed, formal training programs through vocational institutes have become a standard method of training. Each state has different requirements for the amount and type of training needed, so professionals working in various states may have to go through several training programs.
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    Max Protection Security Services
    We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations which require a whole team of security professionals through to smaller family run businesses which only need one person.

2016 Awarded No.1 in Delhi and NCR

MP has at present a great level of hierarchy to maintain the systems at place for client satisfaction.

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What We Offers

  • Guarding services uniformed
    When we talk about uniformed guarding, its not just people standing in uniform. We understand your conserves, that's why we follow the philosophy of grass root thinking.
  • Escort Services
    In order to keep pace with the ever growing demands of our clients, we are involved in rendering Security Escort Service to our clients. This service is widely appreciated amongst the customers for its reliable working. Our service is executed by expert professionals by using latest techniques. Our professionals provide these services at pocket friendly prices.
  • Reception/Concierge Services
    Max Protection Service's reception / concierge services include monitoring access a off employees, vendors and visitors to your site, issue badges, maintain logs, inspect bags and packages and give directions. Our personnel's are also assigned to lobby areas, control.
  • Access Control
    Vehicle Access Control System are used to prevent unauthorized access in parking zones and also used to manage regulation for vehicle stands. Verified and authorized vehicles are allowed to enter the desired location.
  • Background Checks and investigative services
    Background record checks are often done as part of a pre-employment screening to help a company evaluate an applicant’s history and work experience to make informed hiring decisions and reduce negligent hiring liability. Another popular trend in the dating world is to do a reference check on a prospective mate to learn more about their criminal history, employment history or financial history.
  • Security Systems
    Having a positive quality management system, we are involved in presenting a comprehensive compilation of Security Systems. We offer high quality security systems.
  • Special Event Security & Protection
    Max Protection Services has implemented security measures for Fashion shows, Marathons, Red Carpet events, Sporting events and concerts. We have also provided security for high government officials, as well as, private wedding parties. No matter the event, we are ready to provide you with type of security needed at rates that are reasonable. Please contact Max Protection to get started on planning the security for your special event.
  • Fire patrol and equipment checks
    Fire Patrol Equipment has been providing: fire extinguisher inspections and recharging; service to emergency lights and exit lights; and service for fire alarms. We have looked after the fire equipment needs of Oshawa, the Durham Region, and surrounding areas for more than 13 years. We carry many brand name extinguishers, and we also provide portable extinguisher training for groups designed to help you know how to operate your extinguisher effectively.
  • Executive protection
    Protective measures may include home security systems, bodyguards, armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions.[2] Executive protection may also provide security for immediate and/or extended family members to prevent kidnapping and extortion. Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry.
  • Employee and visitor badging and identification
    Max Protection will use the latest integrated visitor badging and identification technology to ensure property identification for all guests who enter your facility. Because of today’s high security risks, proper badging and identification is necessary to provide a safe environment throughout most commercial facilities. With our guest services support, your employees can simply focus on other tasks like welcoming visitors into your building while we handle security clearances.
  • Parking Management
    Parking is an essential component of the transportation system. Vehicles must park at every destination. A typical automobile is parked 23 hours each day, and uses several parking spaces each week. Parking convenience affects the ease of reaching destinations and therefore affects overall accessibility.
  • To provide Bouncers
    We provide highly capable Bouncer Services. These services are highly used in different places such as bars, night clubs or concerts. In these services, we provide optimum security by checking legal age. Our bouncers have rich experience who handles any situations and huge crowd size.

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